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Cotton Jersey Athletic Pant for Taller Men (Inseam 36"- 40") 'Jack' jean, for Tall Men. Inseam 36" - 40", waist 28" - 44" Short Men’s Classic Plaid Cotton Pajama Bottoms. Sizes XS-XXL.
Sanded Cotton Twill Cargo Shorts for Short Men in Jalapeno 'Jack' jean, for tall men. Inseam 36" - 40", waist 28" - 44" Short Inseam Length: Perfectly Proportioned Short men's clothing sizes cotton plaid Pajama Bottom Pant, Value Priced for Gift Giving

About For The Fit

Our designer tall and short men's clothing store is FIRST IN FIT and comfort for men of hard-to-find sizes. Our in-house fashion designers and stylists, wardrobe consultants, tailors, and product development team are constantly improving patterns to deliver our customers the best in comfortable and stylish designer menswear in proportioned fits for tall men and short men's sizes alike.

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"Thank you, thank you, thank you! As the wife of a vertically challenged guy who wants to wear great looking clothes, you guys are a godsend; Yay! Wishing your team all the success you deserve for recognizing an under-served market and filling those needs."
Danielle S. TX.

"The pants I ordered fit perfectly out of the box. At my height, I usually have to get everything altered. Shipping pants the right length is cheaper than having them altered after the fact. And, you don't have to make extra trips!"
Greg Cason. Orlando, FL

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